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Baby's here...but so are Y O U!

Those early days after baby has arrived... you’re so in love & on such a high, so happy & exhausted, hormonal and overwhelmed!

While many of us anticipate that sense of self returning postpartum; and that our body will be ours again after giving birth, that's really not the case. Most of us find we've lost ourselves even more.

So what do you do in that 4th trimester to take care of your health? RELY ON YOUR SUPPORT SYSTEM!

Take people up on all of those offers for extra help! When someone offers to come over for an hour and spend time with baby so you can take a nap. Or when someone offers to bring you some food or a hot coffee. And if there are loved ones around and available to relieve you of mom-duties for a little bit, take advantage of it. Book those much needed appointments (chiro, massage, hair, nails, whatever)! The demands being placed on your body once baby has arrived are all new. You don’t have time for back pain or headaches — what will all the feeding and diaper changing, holding, rocking, cuddling! It’s amazing and it’s nonstop.

So don’t feel guilty, and take a moment for yourself in one way shape or form. A bath, a nap, a meal you can eat slowly and enjoy. All of the things! Why? Because YOU deserve as much care as you give that little bundle of joy!

🖤- Dr. Chelsey

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