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Sometimes life throws you a curve ball

It’s a beautiful long weekend and instead of playing with my babies, swimming, beaching it, hiking or laying poolside - I’m laying in bed recovering from surgery.


I'm grateful for my brilliant surgeon and the fact that everything went great! Now the rest is up to me. It’s a long tough road to recovery after an ACL reconstruction…since this is my second time around, I know what to expect. And I’m lucky to be Canadian and have access to incredible health care for this opportunity to correct it (again).


I wanted to share this image of myself just before going into the O.R. I was nervous, and anxious but excited to start a journey of healing.


I’m sharing this with all of you because I want to remind you to appreciate what you have; and to make the most of not only this long weekend, but every day you are given.


Social media is a fun space to share all of the good times. But if you’re down and out like I am, try to remember it is just a snapshot. Consume content with a grain of salt, because it’s not always what it appears to be. Don’t compare or be jelly. Just remember that people are more inclined to share the moments they are proud of.

I’m proud to share a less glamorous image of myself in a vulnerable state. Because my life is not glamorous by any means. And it is tough to be a patient. I want my patients to know I understand what it feels like to be in pain. It's not easy battling physical pain and the mental strain behind it. But I get it! And I am here for you.


So when you are scrolling and observing what others choose to share from their highlight reel — just remember to appreciate your own life, and its existence beyond social media. Now get out there and enjoy it!


Have a safe and happy long weekend!


🖤 - Dr. Chelsey

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