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It's not a productivity contest.

Yesterday over on my Instagram, I shared with all of you that I feel like I’m struggling - with balancing content, nonstop mommy-hood, and looking after my chiropractic practice while it's on hold.

I have received a big response, and basically most of us are feeling this way...overwhelmed.

I feel it all too.

But instead of furthering the negative self-depreciating spiral let’s take a moment to remind ourselves of what truly matters right now. And that is we are safe at home and healthy.

If you can’t seem to get your house clean, your work done, your kid’s homework complete, and you fail to create Pinterest-worthy crafts or’s okay!

The whole world has stopped and life is seemingly on pause. So, if you don’t have your next big career move mapped out, and if you can’t seem to muster the mental strength to post a riveting piece of content, and you feel like the kids are getting way too much screen time while we await warmer weather...Or if you really just don’t know what the right and empathetic thing is that you should be doing right now — then that is all okay.

Just know you’re not alone. We are all living in the unknown.

One thing I do know is this, all that matters is that we are A L I V E and W E L L ... well enough for me to be writing, and you to be reading these words.

Let’s not compete with one another. Let’s support each other. Let’s focus on and appreciate the small things. Let’s be with our families and let’s FaceTime our friends and loved ones.

Let’s not allow ourselves to feel like we aren’t maximizing this "free time". Because the truth is it’s not really free. It’s costing us that feeling of freedom - freedom to go, and to do. So since we can’t, let’s stay home and just be.

It is perfectly okay to live your life simply. No productivity necessary.

🖤 - Dr. Chelsey

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